After growing up in Chicago, it was eye-opening to move out West on my own at age 16. Experiencing the newfound freedom of adulthood, while discovering a wealth of beautiful new places, fueled an intense passion in me that has never left. Whether hitchhiking, hopping freight trains, or driving my '62 Ford van I found amazing and diverse landscapes all around, and have been inspired to share through photography ever since.

I still own my old Agfa 35mm rangefinder from the 1960's, and in 1987 bought my first Nikon SLR. Currently I shoot with a digital full-frame Nikon, capable of producing the high-quality images needed for my work.

In my work I strive for simplicity, from owning a minimal amount of equipment to the compositions I create, to the processing of each image. I produce almost exclusively from single images, exposing in the field for highlights, then restoring the scene's depth and resonance in Adobe CC, paying meticulous attention to detail. I opt not to "stack" multiple images for exposure or focus. In the end, if the lighting and colors look real, if the composition conveys the inspiration that caused me to capture and process the image in the first place, I feel I have succeeded.

Over the years a personal style has evolved, which people familiar with my work can usually recognize. I feel I can connect with the viewer by drawing them in: first from a distance with strong lines, bold colors, and extraordinary light, then up close with the richness of detail or an intimate mood. The final prints are created by a professional lab for highest quality, made large on high gloss metal for greater visual impact. ‚Äč

My first public print show was in 1991. My business currently focuses on fine art prints for commercial venues or homes, but I do a variety of work including consultation, commissions, creating high quality digital files for artists, rephotographing and restoration, and instruction. I do not do weddings. 

*Website is portfolio only*

Please contact the following galleries for print inquiries or commission pricing:

Northern California: Chico Paper Company, 345 Broadway, Chico, CA (530) 891-0900

Sacramento Area: American Visions Art Gallery, 13000 Folsom Blvd., Folsom, CA 

(916) 351-1623

For all other inquiries email me at

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